Accelerate growth.
Venture into new markets.

Millstone is a venture development firm. Together we create and shape businesses of tomorrow.

We create new non-core business for large corporations

Millstone is a venture development firm that partners with large organizations to create future-proof business models. Our venture building process allows you to quickly develop new business models outside of your core business. Together we launch new brands, target new customer segments, enter new markets and create new revenue streams. We take advantage of new technologies, channels and customer behavior, while leveraging your corporate assets. Eventually, our goal is to integrate successful ventures into your group portfolio.

We make innovation your core business capability with our programme

Innovation is not just a project. It needs to be in the core of your organization. We’ve designed a corporate entrepreneurship programme that drives innovation from within. This programme helps you leverage methodologies to identify, test and de-risk ideas and take successful new products and services to the market, quickly. After the programme, validating new ideas will be a repeatable and scalable process that can be carried throughout the entire organization.

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